Johnny Cash is Dead…and his house burned down.

I came across this song online and decided I had to get out of my month long funk related to posting.  I’ve been a Johnny Cash fan as long as I can remember.   My dad is responsible for leading me down this path.  I remember listening to  Cash’s albums (yes albums, for those of you who only know music as coming in electronic formats, ask your parents) singing along in the bedroom of my parent’s house. 

I grew up in a small 3 bedroom ranch.  The basement was unfinished when we moved in, but my dad worked during his freetime to build a bedroom, laundry room and sitting area/library.  I shared my bedroom with my brother who is almost three years older than I am.  We were so eager to move into the room that we didn’t wait for the electrical outlets to be installed, but rather used extension cords (hopefully my firefighting brother-in-law will forgive us). 

I can confidently state that while country has enjoyed an explosion into the mainstream over the past 15 years, it is safe to say that in the late 1970’s early 1980’s there were not many kids from the NY/NJ/CT tri-state area that knew all the lyrics to “Folsom Prison Blues”.  I think that being a closet country fan has served me well through the years.

If you enjoyed the song above (or even if you didn’t) here is one of my recent favorite country songs to close out today’s entry.


All My Faves | Blog

All My Faves | Blog.

If you want to gain control in how you start you day on the web, please be sure to work All My Faves into your rotation of “must visit” websites.  I wish I could take credit for discovering AMF, but alas, I learned about it from, of all places, MY DAD!  

Now, you wouldn’t think this is a big deal as my dad spent most of his professional career as a systems analyst.  However, he and I are living proof that just because you are proficient in one field, does not mean you are comfortable in another no matter how many times you sleep at a Holiday Inn Express.  

Truth be told, Dad would be much more comfortable  if the screen on his computer was dark and there was a flashing green DOS prompt.  So, when I received an email from Dad a few months back suggesting I check out AMF, I was a bit skeptical.  However, it has quickly become my “go to” place for pretty much everything.  Actually, let me clarify that last sentence.  AMF has become my starting point, for pretty much everything.

The website is a vast collection of links to other websites.  Even better, it updates on a weekly basis.  The link above brings you to the “blog” portion of the site, but the homepage is where I typically start looking.  Rather than blather on about what the site is all about, let me just steal right from them and use their own words

“Ninety percent of everything is crud.” Theodore Sturgeon

But the remaining ten percent is worth dying for.  This is what you will find on AMF, only the Crème de La Crème of the Internet.

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